Saturday, August 7, 2010

Meet Ruth!

Here is the very reason I have not blogged in months. My sweet baby girl, Ruth. Josh and I didn't know we could love so much! She is a perfect baby...never cries, always smiles and laughs, eats every two hours. Yep, I am staying pretty busy. However, I am committed to getting back to blogging because I just love the idea of scrapbooking my is just easier online ; )

Today I made a baby headband for Ruth with my friend Shailey. She is entering the blogging world too! I will put a link up to her blog soon! I am also thinking I will enter the world of etsy...I hope it goes well!

Ok well we are moving to Lawrence, KS in three short weeks. I will try to put up a few more pictures of our sweet girl and our crafting adventures before then!