Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone loves a lamb!

Well it is official - I am a knitting dork. I usually steer clear of all things wooly (aka sheep). I have just never been that attracted to knitting them or ohhhing and awwwing over them. That has all changed with my most recent creation. Meet Cozy the Lamb. 

He is absolutely precious! I knit him to go with the green polka-dot hat for my friend Bekah. I think the hat-animal combo will be a hit at the dallas baby shower she is going to! 

In the meantime I finished the hat... it is great and I will be posting the patterns for sale on Ravelry within the next few weeks. I will probably hit up etsy with my patterns too! 

For today, I am finishing up my last paper for college and going to Branson with some great friends. We are visiting Deb and hopefully having some heart to hearts too - we are pretty good at that. 

Josh's birthday is tomorrow - 25 years young! Any ideas for making his birthday extra special? 

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oops - we may have slept in

Well we had really good intentions of getting up and going to early service today. Oops, we woke up at 10:07. There was not a chance. BUT Trish stayed the night so Josh, Trish, and I had lemon-ricotta crepes with strawberries on top! So good! 

Yesterday was another creative-productive day. Josh and I are both trying to get our final projects done to graduate (me - undergrad, and him- masters). Before we hit up Kaldis, we stopped by a junky antique store and I found these old posts that we couldn't resist. All 3 for 8 bucks! I have plans for two of them to become dining room table candle holders. The third one made the perfect entryway piece! I got great knobs at Hobby Lobby and made the frames from cheap canvas. When you are raising support to be missionaries, your budget consists of all things free and under ten bucks : )


Friday, July 24, 2009

My new hat projects...and a cheeseburger

I knit almost all day today. It was one of those days that knitting just takes the place of every important thing you really need to do. But the accomplishment of each row makes you feel like the most productive woman in the world. Ok maybe that was just me today, but it made me happy. 

While Josh was at work I got the two hats I am designing almost finished. The green and tan one is for a friend to take to a baby shower. Bek helped me pick classy colors for this classy mom-to-be. The polka dots are each knit separate and sewn on. I am really into texture so I like the dimension it adds to the hat. I am going to make striped booties to match. 

The other hat is my own creation out of Nashua DK cotton. I like chickens and bright colors. I did the same thing with embellishments and dimension. The i-cords on the top were fun to make instead of a normal beanie finish. Both patterns will be for sale on ravelry soon!

Finally, one of my best friends Deb came in town tonight. And we took the visit as a chance to eat out. Mark (our roommate), Josh, Deb, and I took advantage of Flame 4 dollar burgers. It was a blast. Great Friday night for sure. Hope everyone (if anyone reads this) has a great weekend. 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it possible to be addicted to blogging already?

Today, I woke up and spent some time outside with the Lord....sipping on my coffee and reading Romans. Two things happened with that 1.)I loved Romans 5:17 so I wrote in on a canvas 2.)I got super motivated to be productive in my life today so I sewed pillows and redecorated our house. hahaha

Now I am talking to my best friend in Uganda. Ahhh it makes me so happy. She is selflessly serving the little kiddos there and it makes me so proud to know this woman. 

As far as the pillows I made today go - I have had this wool of Tammy's forever and just not known what to do with it. Well, i figured it out! I made these pillows for Josh and Mark's office. I think they are cute but still man-ish! 
Check out Tammy's great blog 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Seriously Dying Right Now

enough said - hurry and go. 
personally I don't think I can live without the sugar buttons on my next cupcakes 

I love cupcakes so much. Here is a picture of my last cupcake adventure for my sister-in-laws baby shower

Here goes my first post...

I am finally adjusting into home life - we have been hoping around living situations but we are finally in our new house so that is great! Josh (my husband) is having some fun with his Wii finally being connected to wifi. So that leaves me having fun with time to knit. I am in the midst of writing two new hat patterns with some DK summer yarn. Pictures soon to come!

As for finished projects - AHHH I am so excited. I have this new niece Adelyn who is 1.) precious 2. )little and 3.) looks GREAT in my knits! Here is a picture of her in a summer halter I knit for her. I am writing the pattern now and waiting to post these to ravelry until my friend finishes my logo she is working on!