Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sorry for the delay - its a purple summer!

Well, a long 11 days later, I am finally blogging again! And as you can see, Bekah finished my branding! I love it so much! I think it captures me and my crafting perfectly. 

Carol, my boss at Simply Fibers is out of town at the beach in Florida. So, I have been running the store along with another girl Kelle. It has been fun, but yesterday was about to be the death of me. I am just saying, one of my least favorite things in the world might be pushy people. I was giving a knitting lesson and this woman who just happens to teach knitting at some other store, butted in and started giving the poor lady the WORST knitting advise I have ever heard. I wont go into details but lets just say that if you are having to use a different size needle on each row - you might want to perfect your tension instead. 

Clearly that last paragraph sounds ridiculous to anyone who doesn't knit. I can picture my mom right now reading it and just rolling her eyes at her knitting daughter - lovingly of course.... 

Ok here are my current projects. The purple sweater is out of Rowan Cashsoft DK for a one year old little girl. I am so excited to see her in it. The pattern and link will be on etsy and ravelry within a week! I promise! The scarf is out of beautiful merino and cashmere yarn from Punta Del Este...its my weak attempt at lace knitting. 

Enjoy - I am going to watch Race to Witch Mountain because I secretly love to act like a thirteen year old! 

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lazy Saturday

So I know this is ridiculous to have two new posts like five minutes apart but I have the day to myself to be crafty and sing songs. Those sound like they don't go hand in hand but they totally do. My song of choice today is on Kari Jobe's album, we are singing to Jesus together she and I! 
My friend Ash that was in town is a blog crazy lady. She introduced me to lots of crafting goodness. Check out
I love it - and I got inspired to make some greeting cards. While raising support, I feel like I write a new ten thank you cards every week. So I love having some fresh things to do when I am making them!  Also, here is Ashley being spontaneous with a old table we had. It looks perfect in our dining room!

Graduation Weekend

We graduated! It was a busy week leading up to this though for sure. For Josh's 25th our friend Travis came in town to surprise him! It was a blast! In the meantime Ash (my creative cohort) and I planned for the party. We decorated on our 30 dollar budget - and found little baking pans at a thrift store that we used for all of our flower arrangements. If that is not thrifty I don't know what is. We had such a great time with Josh's family and my family! It was a blast and I think our grandmas are best friends now too!