Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Everyone loves a lamb!

Well it is official - I am a knitting dork. I usually steer clear of all things wooly (aka sheep). I have just never been that attracted to knitting them or ohhhing and awwwing over them. That has all changed with my most recent creation. Meet Cozy the Lamb. 

He is absolutely precious! I knit him to go with the green polka-dot hat for my friend Bekah. I think the hat-animal combo will be a hit at the dallas baby shower she is going to! 

In the meantime I finished the hat... it is great and I will be posting the patterns for sale on Ravelry within the next few weeks. I will probably hit up etsy with my patterns too! 

For today, I am finishing up my last paper for college and going to Branson with some great friends. We are visiting Deb and hopefully having some heart to hearts too - we are pretty good at that. 

Josh's birthday is tomorrow - 25 years young! Any ideas for making his birthday extra special? 

Happy Knitting!