Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oops - we may have slept in

Well we had really good intentions of getting up and going to early service today. Oops, we woke up at 10:07. There was not a chance. BUT Trish stayed the night so Josh, Trish, and I had lemon-ricotta crepes with strawberries on top! So good! 

Yesterday was another creative-productive day. Josh and I are both trying to get our final projects done to graduate (me - undergrad, and him- masters). Before we hit up Kaldis, we stopped by a junky antique store and I found these old posts that we couldn't resist. All 3 for 8 bucks! I have plans for two of them to become dining room table candle holders. The third one made the perfect entryway piece! I got great knobs at Hobby Lobby and made the frames from cheap canvas. When you are raising support to be missionaries, your budget consists of all things free and under ten bucks : )


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