Friday, July 24, 2009

My new hat projects...and a cheeseburger

I knit almost all day today. It was one of those days that knitting just takes the place of every important thing you really need to do. But the accomplishment of each row makes you feel like the most productive woman in the world. Ok maybe that was just me today, but it made me happy. 

While Josh was at work I got the two hats I am designing almost finished. The green and tan one is for a friend to take to a baby shower. Bek helped me pick classy colors for this classy mom-to-be. The polka dots are each knit separate and sewn on. I am really into texture so I like the dimension it adds to the hat. I am going to make striped booties to match. 

The other hat is my own creation out of Nashua DK cotton. I like chickens and bright colors. I did the same thing with embellishments and dimension. The i-cords on the top were fun to make instead of a normal beanie finish. Both patterns will be for sale on ravelry soon!

Finally, one of my best friends Deb came in town tonight. And we took the visit as a chance to eat out. Mark (our roommate), Josh, Deb, and I took advantage of Flame 4 dollar burgers. It was a blast. Great Friday night for sure. Hope everyone (if anyone reads this) has a great weekend. 


  1. Maddi,
    Your hats turned out super cute! I really, really love the one with the chick!! So happy, just like you!

  2. Hi Maddi, Welcome to blog land! It really is addicting! Keep it up girl. See you at the shop!